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Ponchatoula Youth Football League


The following are in person dates for "Registrations / Football Fittings" these dates and times are firm, please adhere to them as this helps our work flow, which in-turn makes the process go easier and faster for the player and parents. 
Here are the dates and times for "IN PERSON FITTINGS".

In person Registrations ONLY:
TBA        Fri  5p-8p
TBA  Fri 5p-8p

This will be the FITTINGS Date:
TBA   Sat  9a-4p       Please be ontime for your age group fittings:

Senior Conf 9a-11a
Junior Conf 11a-1p
Little Conf 1p-3p
Flag Football 3p-4p

If you have any questions at all concerning Registrations, and Fitting Dates please email us [email protected]

Go to the appropriate table to CHECK-IN. Then you will be directed on where to go from there!

2019 JAMBOREE "All Divisions Play" TBA Start Time:  830am

2019 PYF Football Season Starts TBA Start Time:  830am

Last day of reg season TBA Start Time:  830am

Playoffs All Divisions TBA  Start Time:  TBD 

Championship weekend "All Divisions" TBA Start Time:  TBD

If there are any further directives for registration we will send emails and post on our facebook page. So check our website and facebook regularly for the latest changes and updates.Thank you for choosing PYF Ponchatoula Youth Football!!!!